About us


Founded in March 2010, Mostra Dança owns a unique vision to generate innovative and charming content in its segment of work, Dance. Providing incredible solutions and top-notch projects, Mostra Dança Produções works in the production of festivals, spectaculars, seasons, shows, exhibits, holiday courses, cultural project management and other dance-related events all over Brazil and is part of the International Dance Council – UNESCO. See the portfolio and get to know more about our work.


The production company, directed by Erick Silva and Stefania Petry, includes various collaborators and a complete structure for contact, planning, creation, media, commerce, scenography, technique, production and post-production. Integrated teams always working to spread and expand the horizons of Dance in Brazil.


Stefania Petry

Stefania is graduated in Classical Ballet at Escola do Teatro Bolshoi do Brasil. She danced at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia and in Ravello, Italy, as well as in the Brazilian tour of Ballet Scala, from Milan. Took part of Boston Ballet School’s Summer Intensive Program, in the US, and was invited to join the school. Back to Brazil, joined Cisne Negro Cia. de Dança during the Nutcracker season. Took part in Cia. Brasileira de Danças Clássicas and Cia. Paulista de Dança and was also invited to be an intern at Deborah Colker Cia. De Dança.

Worked with renowned directors and choreographers in the world of Dance such as Jorge Penña, Jhean Allex, Nina Speranskaya, Frederic Olivieri, and Vladimir Vassilie.

Currently teaches in various schools in São Paulo, is part of Cia. In-Pulso de Dança and of the International Dance Council – UNESCO.

Erick Silva

The teacher and choreographer Erick Silva started his studies at the age of 8 at Centro de Dança Maria da Conceição in Recife. As a teenager, joined the Ballet de Cultura Negra, but from the age of 17 went through companies like Experimental Cia. de Dança, Maracatu Nação Pernambuco, Cia. de Daniel Bratt in Germany, and Zik in France. Returning to Brazil, became a member of Cia. Debora Colker and Cia. Paulista de Teatro e Musical, as well as gave classes at USP and Brincants. Directors and choreographers such as Ivonice Satie, Ismael Guizer, Ariel del Mastro, Gustavo Carrizo, Ubiraci Ferreira, Jorge Garcia, Suzana Iamauchi, José Possi Neto, Monica Lira and Liliane Benevento are part of his history. Nowadays, he teaches in various schools in São Paulo, aside from being the director of In-Pulso Cia. de Dança and taking part of the International Dance Council – UNESCO.




Summer Program – São Paulo and Belo Horizonte


The Mostra Dança Summer Program – Russian Method happens every January and includes national and international teachers in an intensive teaching for 10 days in São Paulo and 5 days in Belo Horizonte, where many dance techniques are developed, with a unique and innovative class structure, as well as a method course for teachers. With an increasing number of participants: 2011 - 60 students, 2012 - 100 students, 2013 - 140 students, 2014 - 180 students and as of 2015, we have reached the sum of 250 students. The course takes place at a different location every year and students come from all over Brazil and from abroad, for instance, Angola, Cuba, France, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. In 2015, the course spread its horizons and started an extension in Belo Horizonte, already a success of audience in its first year with more than 100 participants. The advantage of the Holiday Course Mostra Dança, aside from not having the montage of a spectacular, what allows the focus to stay really in the learning process during classes, is that every student is treated individually, with respect and attention to their specific needs so that the development can be achieved in the best possible way, even in a short period of time.

Santo André em Dança


A notorious, yet not competitive, Dance Expo in the city of Santo André that lasted for 4 days and attended about 500 ballet dancers, with a daily audience of around 400 people and the participation of renowned dance schools and companies from all over Brazil, such as Fundação das Artes de São Caetano, AD São Caetano, Associação Passo a Passo, Ballet Elisa, Ballet Adriana Assaf, Corpore Sano, Renato Mota Studio de Dança, Kleine Szene, Academia de Ballet Gisele Bellot, Circuito de Dança Jolles Salles, Oficina das Artes, Studio de Dança Líria Dourado, Experimental Cia de Dança, Inpulso Cia de Dança, Cia Paulista de Dança, Escola Arbus, Lu Milleti Ballet, Scala4 Mi, Ballet Evelyn, among others. Santo André em Dança’s judging commission was composed of César Lima, Olga Dolganova and Amarildo Cassiano.

VII Fest Dance


Another event, this one held in São Paulo, is the 7th Fest Dance, in 2010, a dance festival performed at Teatro Sérgio Cardoso, with the presence of approximately 450 ballet dancers in three days of spectaculars, once again with renowned schools, among those, not to mention the ones cited above, Ballet Coppélia, Especial Academia de Ballet, Siwa Ballet, Academia de Ballet Tania Ferreira, Ballet Pássaro Azul, Cia. de Danças de Campinas, Cia. Diversidança, Cia.Independente de Danças São Paulo, Grupo Fama, Grupo Anjos da Dança, Lume Casa Cultural, Pavilhão D, Sociedade Esportiva Caxambu, among others. Present in the judging commission were Toshie Kobayashi, Luis Arrieta and Marisa Pivetta.