Adenis Vieira

Musical Theater

Dancer, teacher and choreographer with classical training, jazz, and music with a specialization in international schools Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center. Joined the cast of Monica from Mauricio de Souza.
He participated as a guest of International Festival of Theater Cairo in Egypt in 2001
He worked in the Musical "Dancin 'in 2002," Fever "in 2003," Ah ... If I Were Bob Fosse "in 2004," Securing A Christmas Dream "in 2008," Hair Spray "in 2009 (as choreography assistant ), "Cats" in 2010 and "La Cage aux Folles" in 2011.
He was part of the casting of international ships Thompson Spirit Island Escape and Royal Caribean.
Participated in 2012 International Jazz in St Pittisburg US Congress.
Choreographed Christmas Musical The dream of a White Christmas with Cia Broadway Brazil in 2012
It operates in Cia Only Broadway promoting events and shows and is choreographer of Broadway Cia Brazil Besides teaching musical courses throughout the country.
It's choreography assistant in the musical "Late than Never" of T4F


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