The teacher and choreographer Erick Silva started his studies at the age of 8 at Centro de Dança Maria da Conceição in Recife. As a teenager, joined the Ballet de Cultura Negra, but from the age of 17 went through companies like Experimental Cia. de Dança, Maracatu Nação Pernambuco, Cia. de Daniel Bratt in Germany, and Zik in France. Returning to Brazil, became a member of Cia. Debora Colker and Cia. Paulista de Teatro e Musical, as well as gave classes at USP and Brincants. Directors and choreographers such as Ivonice Satie, Ismael Guizer, Ariel del Mastro, Gustavo Carrizo, Ubiraci Ferreira, Jorge Garcia, Suzana Iamauchi, José Possi Neto, Monica Lira and Liliane Benevento are part of his history. Nowadays, he teaches in various schools in São Paulo, aside from being the director of In-Pulso Cia. de Dança and taking part of the International Dance Council – UNESCO.

Erick Silva

Classical Ballet and Contemporary


+ 55 (11) 3257 2133 / +55 (11) 9 9712 0982



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